We are convinced that insight
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Better data means better information for a strong and sustainable european economy.


Our vision

All over the world, in almost every domain, data is circulating at quicker and quicker paces. The ability to process data more effienctly has become a necessity to maintain an edge. Financial and extra-financial data contained in periodic reports has been a notable exception to this trend, and it has clung to traditional and outdated formats for decades. As a result, when compared to other data, they are much harder to access and use in modern tools.


However, it is the most essential data for many financial market stakeholders. The lack of digitization and accessibility of that data is therefore undermining the efficiency of financial markets, and more generally of our economy. It especially impairs the capacity of smaller companies to attract investments in the current context of crisis recovery, as well as the discovery of truly sustainable projects.


By enabling the ease of consumption and transparency of that data, Corporatings intends to be a major actor in the Capital Markets Union and thus promote European growth.



CEO & Co-founder

Alexandre has 7 years of experience in the finance sector as an investment analyst and he's also a CFA Institute member.



CTO & Co-founder

Marc is an engineer and data scientist with 9 years of experience working with information systems & complex data.



COO & Co-founder

Cyril has 7 years of experience in the investment sector as a cross-functional project manager and partnership manager.



No room for doubt. The reliability of our data, solutions and services is our priority. We work with high quality processes so that you can carry out your business under the best conditions.


Transparency generates trust. From the source of our data to our pricing conditions, we do our utmost to be a true partner and to help you build competitive advantages.


The world is changing, we must adapt boldly. We innovate to put new technologies at your service but with simple uses. Together, let's push back the limits and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Our values


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