Corporatingsyour specialist in financial and non-financial data.
We collect and process high quality data. You analyse them reliably.

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Step 1

Collect structured data tagged in XBRL and non-structured data

Step 2

Apply proprietary big data & machine learning technology to bluid a reliably database

Step 3

Deliver data in your ecosystem thanks to our API and Excel add-in

At Corporatings, we specialise in extracting and processing structured and unstructured fundamental data directly from company publications, without third party data providers.

Indeed, structured information exchange formats are developing, such as
XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). These information exchange formats allow us to work with a reliable data structure. Then we can collect them and supplement them with unstructured data to organise a proprietary database. Finally, our technology allows us to deliver them through securely and innovative tools.

Involved in the entire data value chain, our team puts its expertise at the service of all the players who make the economy : listed companies, auditors, analysts, investors, regulators... 

Thanks to our expertise, you can achieve productivity gains without compromising the reliability of your work.

Gain access to granular data to over 15,000 world listed companies. 

Find and analyze millions financial or ESG data, disclosures and footnotes, including SEC and ESEF filings.

We do not reprocess, recalculate or estimate data.

All raw data

No one third party data providers to build our proprietary database. We collect data direct from companies’ communications, minutes after publication is available.

In one click, traceback each data point to the source document.

Finally trust the data

Take advantage big data and machine learning technology to instantly make sense of millions data points.

With our secure API, process data with our Excel add-in or integrate directly into internal workflows. 

High technology at your service

Our team includes data scientists, financial analysts, XBRL experts, engineers and it's at work supporting to data consumption experience our customers 365 days a year.

We believe that technology must be framed with high quality standards process to deliver a product excellence, with the experts' control. 

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