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Access and analyze fundamental data. With confidence.

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No more copying and pasting or manually data crunching  from documents and information filed by companies. Instead, instantly find what you're looking for, and more.

30% time saving 

Turn time in opportunities with our solution : millions financial and ESG data points on +15,000 world listed companies available in one clic. In total reliability.

Better screening

Broaden your universe, for example with companies that are not or only slightly covered 

Better analysis

Go deeper and do not miss a single data point, integrate more criteria (e.g. extra-financial indicators)

Better benchmarking

Improve your business intelligence with more and better comparative analysis 

Identify trends and risks in a market or sector

Meet your regulatory and transparency challenges

With a transparent pricing model and no additional redistribution fees !

・API and Excel add-in

・Financial and non-financial data on US & EU companies

・Notes, disclosures & accounting methods

・Link to source document to contextualize

・Tools for customised calculations

・Database updates every 5 minutes

Renewable annual licence

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