Mastering fundamental data.
With confidence.

Save time.
Stop copying and pasting.
Access and analyze reliable data in seconds.

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Leverage fundamental data like never before.

Thanks to our unique database on listed companies.

We specialize in deriving structured and unstructured data from companies' publications. 

Our objective is to free you from low value-added, time-consuming tasks such as data crunching or cleaning. 


We guarantee you reliable data. Save time and work with confidence.

All raw data

Gain access to granular data to over 15,000 world listed companies

Trust the data

You can traceback each data point to the source document

High technology

Big data and machine learning technology to instantly make sense of millions data points

Innovation & human

Data scientists, financial analysts, XBRL experts, engineers to deliver you optimal experience

Corporatingsyour partner in fundamental data mastery.
We turn data into insight. You turn insight into value.

by Corporatings

You need to control ESEF files with reliability ?

Make your pre-publication audit process more reliable and digital with our independent and unbiased check solution, in line with EU regulations.

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by Corporatings

You need to analyze granular data with reliabilty ?

30% time saving.
No more copying and pasting and data crunching from filings and disclosures.
You finally can focus on your value-added : audit, analyze, invest, ...

#AssetManagers #Analysts #Regulators #Corporates


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« With the availability of technology to sift through data and crunch the numbers, investors could be in a better position to perform faster and better analysis. »

CFA Institute - Data and Technology

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